P.E. Teacher's Recent Testimonial

The week of May 8th - 12th our elementary school of Kindergarteners through 6th graders had the privilege of hosting the Skate Pass program in our physical education classes.

I had been looking forward to this program coming for some time but I wasn’t quite sure what the whole week would look like. I was very impressed with how Eric Klassen, the Skate Pass instructor, introduced the sport of skateboarding to our inner city students, many of whom had never been on a skateboard before.

Even though I had students of varying abilities, the Skate Pass curriculum and instruction kept them all interested and engaged. It was great to see the students’ skills improve so much even in just a few sessions. Students who had never skateboarded before were confidently riding across our gym on their second day of instruction. Others who had prior experience on skateboards were learning new moves and techniques as well.

So many of the students told me that they were going to ask their parents to buy them a skateboard because they were so excited about what they were learning. In fact, the Monday after the program came to our school, one first grader told me he bought a new skateboard over the weekend.

Our principal was so impressed to observe that many of the students who had struggled with discipline problems throughout the school year were shining stars in the skateboarding class. It was great to see these students radiate success!

This program is great because every student has their own pads, helmet, and skateboard, which keeps every learner engaged and actively participating. Eric did a great job of explaining the safety requirements and of managing the class so that the students could learn in a structured and controlled environment.

I would have Skate Pass back to our school in a heartbeat and would highly recommend this program to any physical education class or after school program. Skate Pass has something to offer for every level of experience. I even learned how to skateboard better myself. I have never been a skateboarder and have always been a little bit nervous to get on a skateboard. After working with Eric and my students for a week, I too am looking forward to purchasing my first skateboard and exploring this fun sport with my own children.


Tyler Crippen
Physical Education Teacher
Maria Mitchell Elementary School
Denver, Colorado
(303) 293-9899

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