Custom Equipment

Custom Skateboard Manufactured By:


Five customizations

Specifically designed for gym floors

Can be used indoors and outdoors and on all surfaces including gym carpet

Will not damage wood, tile, or any scratch prone surface

Five Customizations:


1. Front White Screws
Custom, white colored front screws help teach proper pushing and riding technique. With this visual aid, students progress safely with proper technique and can distinguish between the nose and tail of the board.

2. Gym Wheels
Custom designed wheels extend further than the metal axle to prevent floor scratching. Wheel formulation is optimized for proper friction on indoor and outdoor surfaces. The only gym floor specific wheel in the world.



3. Extra Soft Bushings
Extra soft bushings allow beginning students to balance, steer, and carve easily. For more advanced students, the bushings help tricks on the gym floor.

4. Floor Protecting Griptape
Griptape is custom cut before the nose and tail end points and is inset along the rails. This prevents floor scratching if the board flips upside down and slides across the ground or is stepped on.

5. Floor Protecting Graphics
The Skate Pass graphic is custom applied to leave floor contact points free of any paint that would cause streaks.

Weight Limit: 185lbs.
Students and teachers weighing over 185 pounds should use the teacher's longboard shown below. Additional longboard units can be purchased with kit orders.

Protective Gear

Manufactured By:

  1. Color Coded Helmet Sizes!
  2. Easy to put on and take off
  3. Long lasting velcro
  4. Flexible movement
  5. Top quality protection

Color coded sizes! Simple, single adjustment chin strap. Securely fits over lice protection liners. Complete front and back of head coverage. CPSC certified foam available.

Small/Blue, Medium/Red, Large/White

Knee and Elbow Pads
Tough, abrasive resistant cap is securely anchored with rivet reinforcement. Lightweight, ventilated, shock absorbing foam provides cool air flow and limits perspiration.

Ergonomically designed comfort.


Wrist Guards
Tough, four way stretch nylon mesh provides a snug fit. High density impact-resistant molded splints on front and back. Shock absorbing foam secured between support splints and wrist for cushioning.

Jr, S, M, L

Sized Shipping Box
Each set of knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards are shipped together by size in an complete, easy to store box. Pad boxes are shipped by the case for all kit orders.


The Skate Pass teacher's longboard is longer, wider, has softer wheels, and larger trucks than the short boards. This board is built for stability for the full grown skater. This board can be used in place of the short boards for heavier students or for those in need of more stability. Students and teachers weighing over 185 pounds should use this board.

Land Paddle

Inspired from the Stand-Up Paddling revolution from surfing (SUPing), Land Paddling is an exciting, fun, and inclusive physical activity that can be done on any indoor or outdoor smooth ground surface. The gym floor friendly bottom shoe makes for safe paddling on any surface while protecting scratch prone floors. Fully adjustable for all ages and heights. Works best with the Skate Pass longboard, but can be used with the shortboard as well.

Equipment Storage

The Skate Pass Custom Skateboard is designed to interlock and stack on top of itself to maximize storage space. Shown above are boards stacked 7 boards high with no wall supporting either side. Protective gear can be stored in new plastic trash cans or equipment storage carts.

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