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Skate Pass offers schools a three-part curriculum that teaches beginning, intermediate, and advanced skateboarding to elementary, middle school, and high school physical education classes. The beginning curriculum is designed for 1-2 weeks of instruction (2-4 class periods). The intermediate and advanced curriculums are designed for further instruction which can be taught in on-going class periods. The curriculums are designed to develop a foundation of basic skateboarding skills and an understanding of skateboarding etiquette. The physical educator does not need to know how to skateboard to facilitate the program.

We developed the Skate Pass curriculum in conjunction with leaders in the physical education industry. Our curriculum meets the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) activity guidelines, national standards for physical education, and all school safety requirements. The Skate Pass curriculum caters to the New PE, which school systems across the world are embracing. The New P.E. gives students an opportunity to participate in alternative activities in a non-competitive, individual sporting environment.

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