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Recent News*

February 2017: Skate Pass awarded an X Grant to Hudson Park Elementary School in Rainier, Oregon.

"My PE colleagues all rave about your curriculum. With this grant, I wolud like to show students that skateboarding can be a lifelong physcial activity." - Charlie Newton, PE Teacher

January 2018: Skate Pass met with the LA84 Foundation. The LA84 Foundation's 2016 Youth Sports Survey revealed that skateboarding is "the sport activity with the highest play frequency with an average of 90 days per year" out of 20 sports in the survey.

December 2017: Skate Pass awarded the first X Grant for Snowboarding to Denver Public Schools.

"The excitement that is started in PE class will carry to other classrooms as well. Our social worker, psychologist, and therapist will have the opportunity to use the equipment with their students."

Fall 2017: For the 12th consecutive year, Skate Pass facilitated our Skateboarding After School Programs for the City of Aurora in Colorado.

September 2017: Valley Collaborative Elementary School in Tyngsboro makes history by becoming the first school in Massachusetts to Skateboard in PE!

"The first 3 weeks of school have been absolutely fantastic with the new skateboarding curriculum..." Read Testimonial

August 2017: The Valley Collaborative Elementary School in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts will make history this fall as the first school in Massachusetts to Snowboard in the Gym!


Summer 2017: For the 12th consecutive summer, Skate Pass facilitated our Skateboarding Summer School Programs for the City of Aurora in Colorado.

April 2017: The United Nations International School in Hanoi, Vietnam makes history by becoming the first school in Vietnam to implement Skate Pass in PE!

They join schools in Canada, Germany, Singapore, the Domincan Republic, Japan, New Zealand, Myanmar, and Saudi Arabia!

March 2017: Skate Pass Sponsor, Triple 8, protecting the Head of State (ok... former head). Obama is killing the retirement game in a Triple 8 helmet while kitesurfing! Triple 8 helmets have  protected Skate Pass students for 10+ years.

ABC News Photo

February 2017: Washburn Elementary makes history as the first school in Wisconsin to snowboard in the gym!

Watch Fox 21 News Story       

Read Ashland Daily Press Article

Program Info

Fall/Winter 2016-2017: For the 11th consecutive year, Skate Pass is facilitating our Skateboarding After-School Programs for the City of Aurora in Colorado.

Winter 2016/2017: The Greenburgh Central School District (NY), School District of Washburn (WI), San Francisco Unified School District (CA), Tahoe-Truckee Unified School District (CA), and Cherry Creek School District (CO) are implementing the Burton PE Snowboarding Program, a Burton Snowboards and Skate Pass Partnership.

September 2016: Skate Pass awarded an X Grant to The Neshobe School in Brandon, Vermont. "This grant will have a positive impact on our students, on their learning, and on our school community." - Mary Heath, Neshobe School

August 2016: Skateboarding added to the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 along with surfing, karate, sports climbing and baseball/softball. Read More

July 11 - August 12, 2016: Avid4 Adventure facilitated the Skate Pass Program in their Bike & Skate Camps in Boulder, Colorado.

Photo: Liz Nelson

June 15, 2016: Jordan Werner, PE teacher at Riverside Elementary in Grants Pass, Oregon, awarded the first-ever Skate Pass Skateboarding Scholarships to 10 students at graduation!

May 6, 2016: Skate Pass partner was on Shark Tank! Congratulations to Spooner Boards! Spooners are 2 for 1 while supplies last (email
Shark Tank Episode

April 5-9, 2016: Skate Pass attended the National Conference in Minneapolis. Thanks to all the teachers who stopped by our booth and attended our demo. The conference discount ends May 6!

March 2016: The King Abdullah International School in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia makes history by becoming the first school in the Middle East to implement Skate Pass and skateboard in PE! Skateboarding unites students and builds bridges between cultures. 

January 2016: Skate Pass awarded an X Grant to Riverside Elementary School in Grants Pass, Oregon. "Due to the location of the school to the local skate park, Skate Pass will help students make a connection between an activity they do in school to something they can do outside of school."

November 2-11, 2015: Skate Pass is facilitating the Burton PE Snowboarding Program for a PTA sponsored Artist-in-Residence Program for schools in JeffCo Public Schools.

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